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Desmos Art: A Definitive Guide to Computational Sketching (How to Recreate Our Redditlady and Redditdog Using an Online Graphing Calculator)

By Math Vault | Education

If you’re of the type who enjoys playing around with graphing calculator, then you might be interested in the so-called Desmos Art. These are basically pictures and animations created in Desmos primarily through the clever use of equations and inequalities — among other features such as tables, animating sliders and regression models. Indeed, if you go to this official staff […]

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Desmos: A Definitive Guide (How to Perform Cool Computations and Creating Great Graphs Using Online Graphing Calculator)

By Math Vault | Algebra

Think you’re fond of of graphing and computing stuffs? Great! Because you might remember this thing called the Texas Instrument TI-83 from the old days. Sure, while programmable calculators in general are still pretty much popular these days, the graphing calculators from the 21st-century are also coming in waves as we speak — potentially disrupting the market of scientific computing and educational […]

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