Write for Us?

Here at Math Vault, we like to explore higher math for its intellectual intensity and delight, so if you have any well-developed, well-structured set of ideas to share, you're probably in the right place!

Getting Started

As information producers, we know first-hand the grunt work required to bring an idea into fruition, so if you already have an article ready to ship, we salute you!

On the other hand, if you're just starting out, know that we do generally accept any topic insofar as it's somehow related to higher mathematics. Here are a few sample topics that you could choose to tackle for instance: 

  • Orthogonal Matrix (Linear Algebra)
  • GRE Mathematics (Admission Test for Graduate Math Programs)
  • Fibonacci Numbers (Number Theory)
  • Pythagoras (Mathematician)
  • Compactness Theorem (Mathematical Logic)
  • Babylonian Numeral System
  • Markov Chain (Probability)
  • Mandelbrot Set (Fractal Geometry)

Remember, these are just examples, and it would be preferable if you come up with your own ideas (such as what Scott did with statistical significance, and what Kim did with Laplace transform and Euler's formula).

Type of Articles

You see, just because you're looking at a math website doesn't mean that your article needs to contain an extensive amount of math symbols — if at all.

 For illustration again, here's a list of article types to spark your funny noodle: 

  • Definitive Guide
  • Concept Module
  • Research Article
  • Problem Sets
  • Book Review
  • History Module
  • Tutorial
  • Method Illustration

 Article Qualities

While we're definitely no purist when it comes to writing, we do find that In general, long-form articles (i.e., 1000+ words) with a well-defined structure tend to make for great publication. But then, we'll take anything that is:

  • Neat
  • Original
  • Intelligible
  • Standalone
  • Well-Written
  • Insightful

Remember, our audiences are very much interested in learning more about higher mathematics, so depth and comprehensiveness are more often than not prioritized over quick tips and common facts.

 Going Down the Rabbit Hole?

Oh. Still around and kicking? All right. Shall we walk through the pre-submission checklist together?