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Montreal / online math tutoring for university / college / grade 12 students and other professionals.

 University Tutoring

Originally founded by a McGill math grad/instructor with 10+ years of professional experience, Math Vault now offers math tutoring — either in downtown Montreal or online — to the following 60+ McGill / Concordia / Athabasca / Carleton / TÉLUQ / Yorkville math courses:

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Pre-University Tutoring

Are your children high-school students in high standing, or college / CÉGEP students passionate in pursuing a mathematically-oriented discipline? If so, we'll try our best in converting them into amateur mathematicians. Here is a list of courses currently on the table for our younger students:

What Others Are Saying...

Hey, great news – I got an A- in the logic exam! Thanks to you! Take that, Fitch & friends.

Girl Ico

Evangeline G.

McGill University Exchange Student

I got a 95 on my logic exam!!!! aweessommmeeeee so happy. thank you for your help over the semester again!

Girl Ico

Molly S.

McGill University Philosophy Student

Good news! I killed the Probability Final. Thanks for your help in fine-tuning my problem-solving skills before the exam. Have a great summer!

boy icon

Logan M.

McGill University Software Engineering Student

Hi, I just received my exams’ result. First one 12.5/15 and second one 14.25/15!

Girl Ico

Elmira A.

LUQ Statistics Student

Just got bk the exam received the b- i needed! Thanks for all the help.

boy icon

Benjamin S.

Carleton University Public Administration Graduate Student

I passed math! Just thought I’d let you know! Thanks for all your help! Happy holidays !!

Girl Ico

Julia V.

Concordia University Student

I JUST DESTROYED THAT TEST! thank you so much for your help, i could not have done it without you!

boy icon

Philip B.

McGill University Software Engineering and Economics Student

Hey! I’m that girl you tutored for math 200 alex, I just wanted to say thank you cause I passed my exam!!! thank you so much!!!!!!

Girl Ico

Alexandra B.

Concordia University Student

Just took the final and I think I did alright! Most of it was hypothesis testing which I knew well. I stupidly forgot normal distribution percentages but other than that it was good. Thanks again for the help!

boy icon

Matthew L.

McGill University Economics Student

Tom [@ Math Vault] is a fantastic tutor! His deductive logic lessons were helpful and I’ve found continued use for everything I learned even in law school. Thanks Tom!

Girl Ico


McGill University Logic Student

Tom [@ Math Vault] was the only person I found that was able to truly help me in what I found to be one of the most difficult courses of my degree, Algebra 1. Thank you very much Tom.

boy icon

Chris S.

McGill University Math Education Student

I wanted to let you know I passed statistics! I could not have done it without your help. I thank you so much and many blessings to you. Have a great summer!

Girl Ico

Fiona H.

McGill University Nursing Student

I got an A- in Stats. Just wanted to let you know!!! I’m so happy!!! Thanks again for your help!!!

Girl Ico

Evelyn K.

McGill University Psychology Student

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