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 Digitalizing Higher Mathematics

Leverage the advent of technologies and experience higher mathematics in a different way.
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In the 20th century, the primary ways of accessing higher mathematics were through lectures and textbooks.

But then, that was then and things have changed...

In particular, here's what we've to offer to the mathematical community at large:

The Definitive Guide to Learning Higher Mathematics

The Definitive Guide to Higher Mathematics — Cover

An integrated guide on optimizing higher mathematical learning — through the lens of 10 foundational principles  and numerous actionable tips.

The ultimate latex reference Guide

Math Vault — The Ultimate LaTeX Reference Guide

The largest cheat sheet on LaTeX ever produced — with all the commands, environments and packages a typical math user will ever need.

math Vault linear algebra series

Free, exquisite eBooks on the various subtopics of linear algebra — with a theoretical twist.

improvised math tutoring / Consulting

Inquiry-based higher mathematical learning at your service — for the greater Montreal area / online communities. 

math modules from contributors and yours truly

Graphs of the Logarithmic Functions of base 2, e and 10

Contribute to our growing repertoire of guides, articleslessons and glossaries — among other mathematical miscellanies.

regular higher math questions / puzzles

Join other fellow higher math enthusiasts in challenging your mathematical intellect and creative ingenuity.

What Others Are Saying

One of the things that makes this site so great is how quickly you guys reply and update your articles/guides. Rest assured you’ve found a regular visitor in me, and I will share this with everyone I deem fit — calling it my dirty secret to Math! 

Anitej B.,  Higher Mathematics Enthusiast, May 19, 2016

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Definitely 5 stars since the recommending system forbids to give more!

Maund B.,  Higher Mathematics Enthusiast, November 8, 2018

Commencing Mathematical Liftoff?

Computer Desk, Tablet, Phone, Coffee and Work

Oh. Ready for more but are feeling a bit overwhelmed? Well, why not start with our Free 10-Part Higher Math Exploration Series first?

Optimize your higher mathematical prowess with The Definitive Guide to Learning Higher Mathematics today!