The Definitive Guide to Learning Higher Mathematics — 10 Principles to Mathematical Transcendence

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A comprehensive, illustrated guide on optimizing higher mathematics learning — through the lens of 10 foundational principles and numerous actionable tips.

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The Definitive Guide to Learning Higher Mathematics is a comprehensive, illustrated guide to help you optimize higher mathematical learning, thinking and problem solving through 10 foundational principles and countless actionable tips.

In 10 chapters and 86 pages, it’ll take you around the different aspects of higher mathematical learning, leaving no stone unturned from material selection, big picture thinking, proximal zone, cognitive techniques to proactive learning, head-processing, scientific method and social learning.


  • Extensive actionable tips to illustrate each principle involved
  • Extensive annotations, pro-tips, quotes and illustrations for better insight
  • Carefully prepared after-chapter summaries for better understanding
  • Printable PDF format (8.5 in. x 11 in.) with linkable table of contents and index for handy reference and reviewing

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Choose Your Materials Judiciously
  3. Always Keep the Big Picture in Mind
  4. Operate within the Proximal Zone
  5. Isolate Until Mastered Before Moving On
  6. Be a Proactive, Independent Thinker and Learner
  7. Do Most Things Inside Your Head
  8. Practice the Scientific Method in a Creative Way
  9. Don’t Fret Too Much About Real-life Applicability
  10. Scale Up Learning by Going Social
  11. Embrace the Mathematical Experience
  12. Last Few Words
  13. Index