Upcoming Last-Minute McGill MATH 323 Q&A Session

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Hello everyone. For the last hours just before the final, we are hosting a free-for-all Q&A session for McGill MATH 323 (Probability). This is mainly for those who want to sharpen their skills further and address finer issues.

(by the way, this is not the time to learn everything from scratch — try to do that and soon you will find yourself not having time for anything at all!)

Q&A Session — Potential Question Sources

What will we be doing you ask? Why, We’ll improvise the session as we see fit!

  • Proposed questions from the suggested problems?
  • Fictitious questions that we can come up with that might be helpful or insightful to some?
  • Other questions from the textbook?
  • Questions extracted from test-related materials that we found on the almighty Internet?

Q&A Session — Potential Topics

We will most likely cover very little of the basics, and here is a list of possible (pun intended) topics:

  • Normal approximation of a binomial distribution
  • Calculating the mean and variance of weird-looking distributions
  • Continuous distributions (e.g., Gamma, Beta, Weibull distributions?)
  • Multivariable conditional probabilities
  • Poisson process relating Poisson and exponential distribution
  • Calculating correlation between two random variables built as linear combinations of other 2 random variables
  • Bayes’-Theorem-style probability problems

The session will be held tomorrow (Wednesday June 3,2015) in McLennan Library M2-17B (a.k.a., the McLennan blackboard room) at 9am (up to 12pm max). You can leave anytime as you wish as usual. However, do remember to RSVP using the following form, as space is limited and the room can only fit up to around 10 people. And if some of you have physical textbook, that will help a bit.

All right. We will see you there then! Otherwise, we will just wish you happy cramming and continue your own number crunching all the same! πŸ˜‰



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