Want to get a glimpse of where you are at mathematically?

Take our interactive, 20-question higher math proficiency test to find out.

Forget about the tests for math ed folks and school kids, let's do something slightly more interesting.

Inspired by GRE Mathematics, the de-facto entrance test for mathematicians, only one step lower and tailored for the general audience with college math experience.

A first non-institutional higher math proficiency test, which systematically evaluates one's abstract thinking skill over field-specific knowledge.

Carefully curated to weed out ultra-technical concepts that would deem the test unfair, yet still designed to be secure against random guessing.

3 Quick Rules


Quality First

The test is untimed, so it's a good idea to take the time to answer the questions to your best ability.


5 Points Max Each

Each of the 20 questions has 5 choices and awards up to a maximum of 5 points — with partial credits given only in some rare cases.


Don't Do Anything Funny

Calculators and reviewing math symbols and jargon are fine, as long as you don't go too far with "researching" until the test is done.