LaTeX Test

From Visual Editor

$\alpha, \beta +1, 2^3, a_3$$$ e=mc^2 int $$

From Native Editor


$\newcommand{R}{mathbb{R}} \newcommand{ddx}{\dfrac{d}{dx}} R  ddx $ R and ddx, respectively.

New Package

${\color{green}{a+b+c=3 Hey there!}}, \textcolor{red}{Red thing}, \colorbox{blue}{Hey!}, \fcolorbox{black}{orange}{Hohoho Hey!}$


Greek Chracters

[ alpha to (beta to  gamma) equiv alpha to (neg beta vee gamma)]

Special Symbols

$LaTeX$, $LaTeXe$, $TeX$, $AmS$

Big Math Symbols

$$ sum_{i=1}^{k^2} frac{i-1}{i+1} = prod_{i=1}^{n} a_i$$

$int_1^2 x^2 , dx = binom{n+2}{k+2}$

Math Functions

$sqrt[5]{3}$, $pm$

Math Relations

$ge, le$


$dots, cdots, cdot, dot, ldots$


$vec{v}$, $stackrel{ffff}{=}$

$underline {hehe…} $

$ overline{abc} $

$underbrace{ABC} $

$overbrace{ABC} $

$$ Hey xleftarrow{over} Where xrightarrow[down there]{} That $$

More symbols

$checkmark quad circledR$

$lVert, rVert$

$ulcorner, urcorner, llcorner, lrcorner, barwedge, veebar, circledcirc, boxdot, uparrow, Uparrow, downarrow, Downarrow, updownarrow, Updownarrow, $

$lvert, rvert, lVert, rVert, lgroup, rgroup, lmoustache, rmoustache$

$#, &, aleph, amalg, approxeq, ast, asymp, backepsilon, backprime, $

$backsim, backsimeq, Bbbk,because, beth, between, bigcirc, bigstar, blacklozenge, blacksquare, blacktriangle, blacktriangledown,$

$blacktriangleleft,blacktriangleright, bowtie, Box, boxminus, boxplus, boxtimes, bullet, bumpeq, Bumpeq, Cap, cdotp, centerdot,$

$circeq,circlearrowleft, circlearrowright, circledast, circleddash, circledS, clubsuit, complement, Cup, curlyeqprec,$

$curlyeqsucc,curlyvee, curlywedge, curvearrowleft, curvearrowright, dag, daleth, dashleftarrow, dashrightarrow, dashv, ddag,$

$ddagger,diagdown, diagup, Diamond, diamondsuit, digamma, divideontimes, doteq, Doteq, doteqdot, dotplus, doublebarwedge,$

$doublecap,doublecup, downdownarrows, downharpoonleft, downharpoonright, ell, eqcirc, eqsim, eqslantgtr, eqslantless, equiv,$

$eth,exists, fallingdotseq, Finv, flat, forall, frown, Game, geqq, geqslant, gg, ggg, gggtr, gimel, gnapprox, gneq, gneqq,gnsim,$

$gtrapprox, gtrdot, gtreqless, gtreqqless, gtrless, gtrsim, gvertneqq, hbar, heartsuit, hookleftarrow,hookrightarrow, hslash, Im, intercal,$

$Join, ldotp, leadsto, Leftarrow, leftarrowtail, leftharpoondown, leftharpoonup,leftleftarrows, leftrightarrow, Leftrightarrow,$

$leftrightarrows, leftrightharpoons, leftrightsquigarrow, leftthreetimes,leqq, leqslant, lessapprox, lessdot, lesseqgtr,$

$lesseqqgtr, lessgtr, lesssim, lgroup, lhd, ll, llcorner, Lleftarrow, lll,llless, lmoustache, lnapprox, lneq, lneqq, lnsim, longleftarrow,$

$Longleftarrow, longleftrightarrow, Longleftrightarrow,longmapsto, longrightarrow, Longrightarrow$

$lozenge, lrcorner, Lsh, ltimes, lvertneqq,mapsto, measuredangle, mho, mid, mp, multimap, nabla, natural, ncong, nearrow, nexists,$

$ngeqq, ngeqslant, ngtr, ni,nleftarrow, nLeftarrow, nleftrightarrow, nLeftrightarrow, nleqq, nleqslant, nless, nmid, nparallel, nprec,$

$npreceq,nrightarrow, nRightarrow, nshortmid, nshortparallel, nsim, nsubseteqq, nsucc, nsucceq, nsupseteqq, ntriangleleft,ntrianglelefteq,$

$ntriangleright, ntrianglerighteq, nvdash, nvDash, nVdash, nVDash, nwarrow, ominus, owns, parallel, perp,phantom, pitchfork, prec,$

$precapprox, preccurlyeq, preceq, precnapprox, precneqq, precnsim, precsim, propto, Re,restriction, rgroup, rhd, Rightarrow,$

$rightarrowtail, rightharpoondown, rightharpoonup, rightleftarrows, rightleftharpoons,rightrightarrows, rightsquigarrow, rightthreetimes,$

$risingdotseq, rmoustache, Rrightarrow, Rsh, rtimes, searrow, sharp,shortmid, shortparallel, sim, simeq, smallfrown,$

$smallsetminus, smallsmile, smile, spadesuit, sphericalangle, sqcap, sqcup,sqsubset, sqsubseteq, sqsupset, sqsupseteq, square, Subset,$

$subseteqq, subsetneq, subsetneqq, succ, succapprox,succcurlyeq, succeq, succnapprox, succneqq, succnsim, succsim, Supset,$

$supseteqq, supsetneq, supsetneqq, swarrow,therefore, thickapprox, thicksim, triangledown, trianglelefteq, triangleq, trianglerighteq,$

$twoheadleftarrow,twoheadrightarrow, ulcorner, unlhd, unrhd, upharpoonleft, upharpoonright, uplus, upuparrows, urcorner,$

$varkappa, varpropto,varsubsetneq, varsubsetneqq, varsupsetneq, varsupsetneqq, vartriangle, vartriangleleft, vartriangleright, vdash,$

$vDash,Vdash, Vvdash, wp, wr, yen$


$verb|fewfwegweawe gfewgw| $



begin{tabular}{l | c | r} hline 3 & 3 & a_1 5 & 6 & 4 5 & 5 & 3end{tabular}

begin{table} begin{center} begin{tabular}{|r|l|} hline 7C0 & hexadecimal 3700 & octal cline{2-2} 11111000000 & binary hline hline 1984 & decimal hline end{tabular} end{center} caption{An example of table} end{table}


$begin{array}{l | r} 1 & a 2 & b 3 & c end{array}$

$begin{smallmatrix} oh & ouch ah & aw eh & ew end{smallmatrix}$

$begin{matrix} oh & ouch ah & aw eh & ew end{matrix}$

$begin{pmatrix} a_1 & a_2 b_3 & b_4 c_5 & c_6 end{pmatrix}$

$begin{bmatrix} a^1 & b^2 alpha^3 & beta^4 gamma^5 & zeta^6 end{bmatrix}$

$begin{vmatrix} phi^1_2 & theta^3_4 mu_5^6 & gamma_7^8 end{vmatrix}$

$ begin{Vmatrix} lambda_1 & lambda_2 lambda_3 & lambda_4 end{Vmatrix}$

$ begin{Bmatrix} lambda_1 & lambda_2 lambda_3 & lambda_4 end{Bmatrix}$


begin{equation} It’s a normal numbered-equation! label{1} end{equation}

(eqref doesn’t seem to work)

begin{equation*} Starred Equation  end{equation*}

begin{equation} Tagged Equation tag{The Cat Equation} label{cat} end{equation}

In the ref{cat},…

Align & Align*

begin{align} 123 & = 456 & = 789 & = 213124 notag end{align}

Multline & Multline* (Don’t Use ENTER)

begin{multline*} a+b+c+ a^2 + b^2 +c^2 + ab + ac + bc +2a^2 + 3b^2 + 3c^3 +a+b+C+e+e end{multline*}


begin{gather} 2x+#y=25 3x+5y = 44 end{gather}


begin{flalign} 1 & = 1+0 & 2 &=  2+0  & end{flalign}


begin{cases} ok & x=1 OK? & y=2 OK! & z=e end{cases}



[latex]fbox{Hey! Look at my fbox wrapped around latex tag!}[/latex] [latex]fbox{begin{equation} e=mc^2 end{equation} }[/latex] [latex] boxed{begin{equation} e=mc^2 end{equation} }[/latex]

(paragraph right-aligned) $boxed{ begin{aligned} 123 & =456 & abc & = def end{aligned} }$


$[+preamble] usepackage{hyperref} [/preamble] href{#}{this is a link} + cbc$


$text{left-aligned} 1+1=2$

$text{centered} 1+1=2$

$text{right-aligned} 1+1=2$


Boldface $bf{3+6=9}$ and italic $it{3+6=9}$.

$mathrm{A}, mathit{B}, mathbf{C}, mathbb{D}, mathcal{E}, mathfrak{F}, mathscr{G}, mathsf{H}, mathtt{I}, Bbb{J}, frak{L} $

Nolimit / Limits

$ int_0^1 x $

$ int limits_0^1 x $

$ displaystyle int_1^2 x , dx = 345$

$displaystyle prod_{i=3}^8 i $

$ sum nolimits_{i=3}^8 i $



Page-wide preamble to avoid latex tag every time.

Huge, small, …

Not all standard 68 color presets are accepted.