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The Ultimate Guide to Logarithm: Basic Theory Commonly Missed in High School Which Turns a Log Noob into a Log Whiz

By Math Vault | Algebra

For the very vast majority of humans on earth, there is a topic found in the good old math textbooks that many of us still even dread contemplating about, as it seems to mess with our brain in a rather particular way.  The name? $\displaystyle \text{Logarithmus}$ — or Logarithm in English to be sure! As terrible-sounding as it […]

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Integration Technique Series — How to Make Use of the Overshooting Method and Integrate with Ease

By Math Vault | Calculus

Hey! Greeting from a bunch of post-April-Fool bunnies who never managed to get their modules published on time — because they were simply too busy eating Easter eggs and shooting for the moon.  🙂 Moving onto a more serious topic though, if you’re currently into (or have been into) this thing called integral calculus, you might know from first-hand […]

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