Hello. The Name is Vault Math Vault. How Are You?
Our mascots Redditlady and Redditdog welcome you! Here at Math Vault, we create educational materials in higher mathematics through digital publishing.
We like to think of this as our own way of democratizing the access to higher mathematics, although contributing in the creation of future mathematicians / technical scientists would be great too.
After all, that can only accelerate the progress of mathematical science!
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Towards "Mathematical Enlightenment"

As math enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the joy and delight logical deduction and abstract problem-solving can provide as one discovers new mathematical knowledge and insight. It is this state of flow that we want to promote and bring about to this world.
Reversing the Trend by Making a U-Turn

Reversing the Trend

People in the field of higher mathematics often talk about reforming math education at the K-12 level, but we would rather flip it around and ask the following:
What are some major issues we face in the education of higher mathematics?
And this is what we've come up with...


Bland Educational Material

While proof-based mathematics are not meant to be consumed by the general audience, that doesn't mean that our materials need to be all black-and-white and homogeneous in design either.

With the advent of technological revolution, world-class design can be achieved at a fraction of the cost than it used to a few decades ago.
Inefficient Medium of Communication

If you've ever tried describing a long equation verbally, you might have ended up with some gibberish that your brain had a hard time wrapping around.

While some ideas in higher mathematics are better understood when expressed in natural language, there are also a lot more ideas that are better communicated through diagrams, images, slides or even animations.
"Can-Prove-But-Can't-Grasp" Syndrome

While higher math folks tend to find the phenomenon of blindly manipulating the symbols without much understanding deplorable, in the pursuit of rigor and formalism, it's not unusual for some of them falling prey to the same symbolic game either.

To promote a strong and resilient mathematical culture, a focus on intuitive representations, conceptual understanding and alternative approaches must be kept in check.
The medium of communication is only efficient, when it can be made to closely match the native mental representation of the concept in question.

Bridging The Gap

Since we're playful by nature, we decided to take these issues into our own hands:
  • Designing visually-sophisticated educational materials in higher mathematics, as if they are to be read by 3-year-old toddlers. Interactive features, rich media — you name it.
  • Leveraging 21st-century web technologies to better communicate abstract math concepts and strategies, and enhance knowledge consolidation via unconventional cognitive devices.
  • Promoting active, inquiry-based learning via the Socratic method — by deliberately replacing answers with questions, supplying proofs with strategies, and by encouraging guided free-thinking while staying focused on the same topic.

Beautiful Trees and Wooden Bridge
The Problem Method is, I am convinced, the way to teach everything. It teaches techniques and understanding, it teaches research and problem solving, it teaches the way nature taught us [...] before we invented teachers.
— "What is Teaching?", Paul Halmos, Mathematician and Mathematical Expositor

In Other Words...

We like to annoy the higher-math education scene by introducing our very own unconventional educational materials — for mathematics enthusiasts around the world.
We believe that visual modality and technological leverage are both an integral part to a quality, 21st-century learning experience.
Our goal is to help you tap into the awesome state of flow of mathematical experience — much like a movie binge-watcher or a pianist does!

Any Question

From $\alpha$, $\beta$, $\gamma$, $\delta$ all the way to $\omega$, when art and science are all but combined, life is good! 
Oops. Looks like the bell has rung! But any inquiry is still welcome! Just drop off the message in the contact form below and we should be good. 🙂